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  1. Introducing Fossil First Copy Watch – Modern Machine Automatic
    • A daring and complex timepiece, inside and out, designed to make an unforgettable impression on your outfit.
    • Model: Modern Machine Automatic
    • Number: ME3080
    • Dial Size: 44mm
    • Designed for Men
    • Part of the 10AA Premium Collection
  2. Features
    • Working 24 Hour Analog: Keep track of time with a 24-hour analog display, adding convenience and functionality.
    • Stainless Steel Dial: A robust and stylish stainless steel dial ensures durability and a timeless look.
    • Black 24 mm Thick 3 Link Bracelet: The watch comes with a sleek black 3-link bracelet, providing both comfort and elegance.
    • Transparent Front & Back: Showcase the intricate automatic movement from both the front and back of the watch, adding a touch of sophistication.
    • Pendulum Rotate Charging: Enjoy the benefits of motion-powered automatic charging with the unique pendulum rotate charging mechanism.
    • Fully Automatic Self-Wind Machine: No need for manual winding; this watch automatically winds itself with your movements.
    • Original Japanese Automatic Engine: The watch boasts an original Japanese automatic engine, ensuring precision and reliability.
    • No Color Issue and Rusting: Rest assured, this watch is designed to resist color fading and rusting, maintaining its appeal over time.
    • 100% Satisfaction: We guarantee your satisfaction with this premium timepiece.
  3. Price and Shipping
    • Price: Rs 2299/- Free Shipping only
    • Same Day Shipping: Your order will be shipped on the same day, ensuring you receive your watch promptly.


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