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Title: Apple Series 8 Ultra First Copy Watch Germany Edition 2023

Discover the Apple Series 8 Ultra first copy watch, Germany Edition, packed with groundbreaking features like 32GB built-in memory, dynamic 3D AMOLED screen, and real accurate working sensors. Dive into the world of innovation with this remarkable device that mimics the original Series 8 in stunning detail.

Key Features:

1. Germany Edition GPS+Compass: This 1:1 replica comes with GPS and a compass, ensuring you never lose your way.

2. C-Type Germany Logo Charger: Includes a charger with the authentic Germany logo for that extra touch of realism.

3. Dynamic AMOLED with 3D Touch Screen: Experience a full edge-to-edge display with a dynamic AMOLED screen that supports 3D touch, setting new standards in smartwatch technology.

4. 1:1 Original Packing: Get the feeling of unboxing an original Series 8 with the meticulously replicated packaging.

5. IMEI and Serial Number Working: Authenticity is key, and this watch goes the extra mile with functional IMEI and serial numbers.

6. Trail Loop Strap Inside the Box: For added convenience and style, a trail loop strap is included in the box.

7. Apple On/Off Logo: The watch features an Apple logo on the dial for a genuine look.

8. All 3 Buttons Working: Every button on the watch is functional, offering a true user experience.

9. Always-On Display: Enjoy the convenience of an always-on display, just like the original.

10. 2.2″ Dynamic 3D AMOLED Display: With a pixel density of 520PPI, the 2.2″ display offers stunning visuals.

11. 32GB Storage for Music: Store your favorite songs directly on the watch.

12. Accurate Real-Time ECG: Be the first to experience real-time ECG monitoring on a smartwatch.

13. Real Heart Rate Sensors: Keep track of your heart rate with precision.

14. Customized Shortcuts: Customize your watch with personalized shortcuts for quick access.

15. Connect Your AirPods Directly: Seamlessly connect your AirPods to the watch.

16. SOS Emergency Contact: Add emergency contacts for peace of mind.

17. Voice Recording Support: Record important notes and reminders on the go.

18. Night Mode, Vibration Mode, Body Temperature: Enjoy features like night mode, vibration alerts, and body temperature monitoring.

19. Fitness Mode: Monitor your fitness with different sports categories, heart rate, calorie burn, and step count.

20. BT Calling, Music, Camera: Make calls, listen to music, and control your phone’s camera from your wrist.

21. Motion Sensor: Convenient gestures like flip to mute incoming calls and alarms.

22. Anti Lost, Vibration Alert: Keep your watch safe and stay notified.

23. 542mAh Li-ion Battery: The watch is powered by a long-lasting battery with fast charging support.

24. C-Type Germany Wireless Power Charging Cable: Charge wirelessly with the included C-type cable.

Please note that the AirPods in the picture are for reference only and are not included with the watch.

Experience the future of smartwatches with the Apple Series 8 Ultra first copy watch, Germany Edition. Order now for just $2999 plus shipping and elevate your tech game with this extraordinary device.


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